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Rocoto Peruvian &
Mexican Policies

Rocoto requires a returned $100 deposit prior to your banquet. It will be charged
once the date of your banquet and all food, drink, and room costs are finalized.
You will get your deposit back once your party is over and paid for.

Room Cost
A $50 room charge will be included to cover clean up, plasticware, buffet pans,
equipment, etc.
It is $100 per hour for your banquet. This does NOT include set-up time before
your banquet starts.
Food, drink, and deposit are all separate charges from room cost.

Number Policy
For displays and hor d'oeuvres, our menu is priced for a minimum of 20 guests.
We will not serve any lower amount of food than for 20 people. If your party is
less than 20 people, you will still receive a portion that feeds 20. However, we do
have a la carte items listed on the banquet menu.

If you cancel within 48 hours of your banquet, you will NOT receive your deposit
back. Anytime before 48 hours, your deposit is 100% refundable. No other charges
will be charged to your account.

Special Requests
All special requests are welcomed and can be discussed, prior to your banquet.


Tax and Gratuity
A 6% tax fee will be included in your total. Gratuity is not mandatory but very well

A bird drawing similar to the Nazca Lines in Peru
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